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I just recently got the engine out of my vt750 from '98.
I put it back in and it drives good, but I'm a but stuck on the long bolt that holds the back of the engine and the swing arm.
I got the bolt back in with no issues and a lot of patience. I tried finding torque values in my manual but didn't find any.
I also dont know how hard i had to torque the initial bolt without any of the nuts.
I just made sure the engine didnt move and turned the bolt until I couldn't turn anymore without forcing on it.
put on the nuts nice and snug, and the locknut too with the tool i made for it.
Went to the local gasstation to fill up the tank and didnt feel anything janky while driving, but I couldn't help but feel like I may not have secure it enough...
Afraid it may hop or skip at one point because there's a mm of play somewhere.

Did I do a good job ? or did I miss something about this bolt ??
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