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Ladies and Gentlemen, after many years of riding, and being a member of this forum since 2002, I have to say C-ya later.

As of 3 January, I retired from Federal Service after 36+ years.

Several of you know me from the Panama, Canal Zone, where I was born and raised and some of you have met me in other circumstances.

I guess, you can say I have done lots of things, and although there is so much more to experience, my time with the bikes is over. I began riding when I was just a teen in Panama, and continued riding in Costa Rica, and all over this beautiful country we live in. I look back and wonder just how, did I ever survive the roads and traffic and booze as we were growing up. My gosh we used to ride (no helmets back then unless you wore a football helmet) and carry a open quart of Panama beer in between my legs. How did I ever survive the Nortons, Cushmans, Bultaco, Honda's, etc, etc, etc. to continue...

I no longer feel comfortable on the bike and I learned early on, when the comfort factor is in question, then stop. I sold and quit hot-air ballon’s, flight instructor, kayaking (both river and ocean), scuba, ultra-light, hang gliding, and camping in areas where the bears live! I still salt water fish in my boat, mostly out of Panama City, Florida and on many occasions do some crazy stuff, but it is time to move on and write new chapters in this book of life.

I will stay in Dothan, Alabama for the foreseeable future, but as my wife and I have discussed many times, we are not captives of any location, or house.

If I can assist any of you as you come through this area, please do not hesitate to call. I am the only Cecil High in the Dothan directory.

Swarm, take care and thanks for keeping this forum civil, most of the time, especially when I was on board, and brought up stuff that rankled some of people just laying in wait for me.
Woody, we miss you big buddy and that was a beautiful bike.
Crazy Dave, stay just the way you are and enjoy that beautiful country side up there.
Joe, my Black bike is too faster than your pink bike! AND there is no way you could get that kind of mileage out of those tires.
Spirit, keep Joe straight, as much as you can!

To all of you, those who know me, have chatted with me, and to those I have never met, remember "there is no such thing as a stranger, it's only a friend you have never met"

Be careful. Ride safe and watch out for each other. There are some real crazies out there on the roads.

Cecil High

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Good fishing Cecil.

Cecil, it has been a while. Time passes, my friend, and just like the current, we just can't stop it. Enjoy the next phase of your life, whatever and wherever it takes you. One could certainly make an arguement for staying in Dothan, or hanging out at St. Andrews Bay. I have kayaked there a few times myself ! Enjoy yourself. Jim Mann
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