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Most of the "older" Honda V-Twins have a pipe on each side of the bike. 1983-1988 for certain. After that, they started putting both pipes on the same side of the bike, for some models. Almost all after market pipes are on the same side. The 1983-1985 VT700s (and 750s???) share the same parts throughout most of the bike. I would suspect that the exhaust is similar as well. In 1986, they changed the design pretty drastically and so the 1986 and '87 VT700s share a lot of parts, and also share a lot of parts with the 1988 VT800, which is pretty much the same bike with a different transmission and bored out a bit more.

Best bet would be to go to or and check out their parts fiche. Add the exhaust for the 1983 to your shopping cart, and then add the exhaust for a 1985. Then check your cart contents and see if the part numbers match. If they do, you're all set. If not, you'll have to dig up what the differences are. (Sometimes it something as simple as a piece of chrome trim!)

Good luck!
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