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:) Texas 2001 Honda shadow spirit 1100

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Hello guys my name is Manny I'm from Houston, Tx . I'm very new to riding, I've driven small dirt bikes with no clutch prior to purchasing my first bike (2001 spirit 1100) I have always liked motorcycles, at first sports bikes , then fell inloved with the cruiser style of bikes . So I went out and bought one . Now I think sports bikes are kind of annoying haha. So as we all know, nothing is a smooth as suspected , the bike had 6k miles and had one owner before the dealership and I of course , only thing is it did not have the left side cover that goes on over the battery . If anyone could point me the direction of where I could obtain one with out spending a lot of cash (called dealership and they wanted 220-300 for a new one ) , I am looking forward to making friends on here and going on possible rides in groups as I love the freedom of riding alone but sometimes Houston drivers have me paranoid haha and I would love to share the same hobby and pastime with other people ( wife kinda doesn't like riding ) thanks again guys and sorry for the book !
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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