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My daughter and family from the Chicago area came down for the Christmas holiday arriving Sunday. We rented two bikes on Monday a 750 for my grandson and a 1300 for my son-n-law on monday my riding buddy and I took them on a 200 mile ride thru the hills of North West Texas. The roads were not crowed and the weather was great with temps at almost 70. This was the first time to ride with them and we all had a blast. Started from Benbrook south to Granbury where we had lunch at Grumpys, then on to hwy 4 north thru Lapan on up to Graford and that is we we headed back south thru Weatherford pick up 171 south to Cresson and then home only made 2 stops not counting lunch. What a great ride we hand a blast. Did i say we had fun. My son-n-law and riding buddy had a hard time keeping up with my grandson and I on hwy 4 curves the shadows where just to nimble and handles them much easier.


1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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