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The mind is a terrible thing

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Early morning, just woke up. Reading the post about the California trip. Kinda reminded me I'm planning a Colorado trip this summer for me and the wife. That's about a thousand miles and there are some 75mph speed limits out west. I sorta pondered changing sprocket ratio for my wife's bike. The bike wouldn't be very loaded. Lower the RPM.. I looked at a parts fiche. There are no sprockets available. Shaft drive. Life's hard when you're stupid.
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Or just finish my coffee before doing anything.
You could buy a sprocket and put it in her saddle bag, might make you feel a little better.
I think he should also include a wire stretcher in that saddlebag
. . . reminded me I'm planning a Colorado trip this summer . . . .
Now you have me dragging out the map!! I went to eastern Utah and the lower half of Colorado, this September. Next May, I'm headed to Four Corners then deeper into Utah.
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