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The farkles, in addition to the usual maintenance that goes along with a 100,000 km+ 17 year old motorcycle:

* corbin seat with folding/removable backrest for driver, removable backrest for pillion
* replaced handlebars with Baron Custom Accessories StarBar Handlebar
* installed HotGrips heated grips
* removed the windshield
* installed passenger floorboards
* installed EasyBrackets for saddlebags
* installed Mutazu hard saddlebags
* installed a rear luggage rack (with no sissy bar)
* progressive suspension fork springs
* progressive suspension rear shocks/springs (replaced again at about 90k)

Things I attempted but didn't like:

* after-market pipes - they were too loud so I went back to stock
* throw over saddlebags - always sagging and getting stuff soaked inside
* Pelican cases for saddlebags (attached to the EasyBrackets) - they were too big and heavy
* forward controls - I found that I had less control of the bike in vigorous riding conditions
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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