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Okay, in my third post I might as well introduce myself. I am a retired old codger living in Central New York so the riding season tends to be short. In this area, we got lucky when the hurricane passed by - it only grazed us. The rest of the state is under several feet of water. A lot of cars and motorcycles will be heading to the scrap yards.

About seven years ago, I had a 1985 Honda Shadow VT500. I had more fun on that bike than I could imagine. Then, a truck smashed into me. The bike was totalled and I felt like I was, too.

I picked up a Harley Sportster and couldn't understand why I was hating motorcycles more and more. It was just an uncomfortable bike that was top heavy and handled poorly. I was afraid to go over 40 mph and couldn't understand why. So, I swapped that out for a Jeep Wrangler.

Later, I swapped the Wrangler for a 1982 Honda Goldwing. As I was driving the bike home, I looked down and noticed that I was going over 70 mph and I wasn't afraid. Thus begain my love affair with the Honda motorcycles.

Then, I had the chance to buy another 1985 Honda Shadow. Now, I need to do a bit of restoring to the bike before I put it on the road. That's why I joined this forum - to seek some advice about choke cables.

So, if this third posting satisfies the requirements then I can go to the technical forum and post my question about my 1985 VT500.

See you there.
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