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Whoop, whoop, whoop!
'Ollo ladies and gentlemen!
New guy on this particular site but native to others.
First Honda that I have had since my '85(ish) Shadow is this '96.
I have had Harleys but bought this for some reliability....
Harleys are still banging down the road and my Shadow crapped out on me.
No sweat, hoss, that's why I am here.
Looking for some answers so I can keep mah jingle in my pocket and keep my wrenched turning. Hoping to find what I am looking for and posibly have some laughs along the way.
FYI, I am not a Harley zombie. I don't care what anyone rides, what badge is on the tank or what is on your back. Keep smiling and riding and enjoy your time on the big blue rock.
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