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Alright finally got time for pics!

Engine came off today, a bit of a mission, but really not that bad. Took about 3 hours to go from fully made to fully stripped.

Attaching pics of the night I got her, had to stuff 'er in the back of a dodge caravan, with a little love and leaning it fit just right.

Almost as she sits, already chopped that tail off and began work on smoothing those very ugly factory welds, I'm shooting for 110% in the looks department with this thing, again, EVERYTHING will be powdercoated, from top to bottom!

I'm trying to upload a video of when I first got it running, when I got it, it was far from this. It would start(hardly) with a bit of starter fluid, and die right away. It had no exhaust gasket on the rear cylinder, It still has a mean intake leak, but I'm going to CNC a bracket to the snorkel with a pipe diameter that limits the airflow as much as I end up needing, since I'm getting rid of the bulky air box. I've done some math already.

Lastly, a picture of her with my other baby!

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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