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Those bad bikers

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no good deed goes unpunished...

wonder where they got the money?

Well many years of going to Laconia for Bike Week has taught me that they sure sell a lot of support shirts ;)
Doesn't make me feel all warm and fuzzy! What do you think they do the other 364 days a year? Try Homicide, Rape, Extortion, Armed robbery, Kidnapping, Drug sales, Narcotic manufacturing, Assault, and Witness Intimidation. How do I know....22 years as a LEO working the gang task force.

mmm..just like politicians and many in law enforcement..right? As an LEO I am sure you are aware of the vileness of clubs like thE Iron Pigs and other LEO based clubs

take a perusal of these fine examples

Biker News Network, Out Run By No One,1%er,Outlaw

Perhaps we shouldn't be throwing stones eh?
Another way to look at it..

I just wrote this in a FB group after reading some comments on here..remember it is easy to point out the bad, the ugly in people, yet what does it change?

Right now there is a lot of picture posting going on reminding us that not all cops are bad, not all blacks are thugs and not all whites are racist..blah blah blah..well duh.. it ain't like we bikers are not aware of such stereotypes right?
Look folks The big three MC clubs did not get the reputations they have by being altar boys. but being humans, individuals if you will, within those clubs are many differing personality's attitudes, emotions etc..why judge the whole on the actions of some. MLK stated that he wanted a day when people were not judged by the color of their skin by by their actions, their character.. So judge all things. Should we be upset when they act abhorrently? Hell yeah but we should be just as ready to praise them when they do good..or do we not realize that the reaffirmation of positive actions has a positive effect? Hey it's something we try to instill in our why not with other adults, even those big bad patch holders.
See less See more understand.. well try anyway because I just know some of you won't.
Oh and by the way.. some of you need to burn your SOA paraphernalia..wouldn't want to be hypocritical now would ya?

"Everybody has good in them..."

who would have thought............... (sarc/off)

more to the point ALL have come short ;)
1 - 6 of 27 Posts
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