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Tipped her over....Sh8t!!

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Too darn impatient to wait for the bike to warm up at 4:30am on the way to work. I pulled out the driveway and she stalls.....and slowly tips over.

Pick myself up. Everything is fine with the bike. Nothing wrong with the bones and I'm on the way to work. I work both Tuesday and Wednesday, I'm a greenskeeper at a golf course. Thursday morning and I'm sore as heck on my left upper chest, the side that hit the pavement. Work 3 hours getting the course ready for the day. I'm really getting sore, can't do much of anything without pain. Wondering what is "clicking" sometimes when I move. Clock out, head to the doc for pain meds. She decides to xray the chest just in case. Yep.....broke a rib!! That was the ends of the bones "clicking". Shouldn't have done what made it click! Off til Monday. Then 6-8 weeks to full recovery.

Oh, ya, got some pain meds.
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Wow...that's nuts!

On the other hand, you should record yourself clicking and post it to youtube...would totally go viral. :)
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