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justjoe001 said:
Anyone have any leads on an inexpensive tool kit for a 98 750 ACE? I am trying to change my plugs and can't find a socket that fits. Any other ideas? Thanks, Joe
Have you checked under the side covers for the toolkit that came with the bike (knowing a previous owner could have taken it off the bike).

You can buy the tool kit from a local dealer (they will have to order) or from an online source (like Ron Ayers or ServiceHonda).

If you want to quickly get a socket that will pull you plugs you can try:

1. Sears craftsman 12 pt 18mm chrome socket.
2. Cobalt 18mm 12-pt socket from Lowes works as on my 86 vt700c.
3. Get a a 12 pt 18 mm socket from NAPA (or other auto parts place)

Good luck,
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Great, thanks for all of the advice Jim. I think I may have lucked out because the local Honda motorcycle dealership says they have the socket and shock wrench in stock. I will see today if that's true.
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