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Posting in the Canadian Riders section for this question as I'm looking for value tools that are readily available in Canada. With 'value' I mean something that isn't just cheapest, nor top-of-the-line and relatively expensive. Perhaps bang for the buck tools is what I'm after. General use for them will be ... surprise ... motorcycle maintenance and will therefore be in the range of that purpose: Ratchets, sockets, flat/phillips screwdriver (perhaps one you can safely tap to break rusty screws loose), electrical meter, etc.

Reason for asking is because I'm reluctant to purchase big box branded tools as I have a feeling (but not sure) that these tools are manufactured cheaply to create 1; a cheaper than the rest product while 2; generate greater profits for themselves. If that's true, I can hardly believe a good tool comes from it. Now, if the tools hold up in terms of tolerances and overall durability, it'll be just fine. However, if there's a brand specific tool you would recommend, please do and if you can clarify why you think it's worth the money, even better! Please do keep in mind that this is for the amateur diy maintenancer.
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