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Greetings from Seoul!!!! Hope that you all had a good weekend of riding.
It was in the mid 40's here this weekend got the bike out for a short ride this afternoon. So Sweet............ Check out this website:

This is what we call touring in S.E. Asia. I have met and ridden with David Unkovich, great guy. If you are ever in Northern Thailand this is some of the best riding in the world. I have mostly ridden the Honda AX250 and the XR250 Baja's. They are both twin cylinder 4 strokes. The
CB400's are still real popular here also. I would love to get my Shadow Aero over there someday. Mostly I see the 750 ACE, not too many Aeros there yet. Check out Colin's Honda Wave tour.......... 12,500mi in less than 4 months on a 125????????? Yap he did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Signs Gallery is for REAL. Border Crossings are a closed...........maybe tomorrow. It is always nice to bring Kanpean (the girl in room #6 at the Laos Unification bridge border crossing from Nong-Kai Thailand into Vientiane Laos) a little gift. Always an adventure!!!!!!!!
Enjoy the galleries!!!!!! If you are ever in Chang Mai, Thailand stop in at the Kafe and buy David a beer, he is a great guy.

Did ya ever notice "What the Heck" is usually the right answer?

Cheers........ Seoul Rider
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