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Upper Bolts for Engine Guard, 1100 T

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I need to remount the factory engine guard on my 1100 T. The PO removed it and didn't save the bolts.

Anyone know whether the bolts are coarse or fine thread, what size and how long? I'll be getting stainless ones if available.

Much appreciated.
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I need to remount the factory engine guard on my 1100 T.

Hey Labswine,

The Ace Tourer didn't come from the factory with an engine guard. Cobra and MCEnterprises are the only companies that I know of that made an engine guard for the Ace Tourers. The Cobra mounted at the top to the welded triangulated frame gussets which had to have 2 holes drilled through it on each side by whoever mounted the guard. I had a Cobra on my Ace Tourer when I first bought it and as I recall mine was mounted with 5/16" bolts about 1" long with washers and nuts in those 2 holes on each side at the top.

I didn't like the Cobra engine guard because it looped around right in front of my floorboards and would sometimes interfere with braking and shifting duties and it limited stretching my feet forward when cruising, so I took it off and installed an MCEnterprises guard. The MC mounted at the top with 1/4" U-bolts looped around the frame downtubes.

1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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