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V-Star 950 Tour

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I'm getting the itch for a new ride. I want a little more power, but I really don't need 1300cc. The V-Star 950 comes with everything I have added to my Shadow. I really like the hard bags, floor boards windshield. My concern is I've never seen one on the road.

I know I don't have to ask, :D but comments are welcome.
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I test rode one and the valve noise was really bad. I asked the dealer about it and they said that they all sound like that.I checked out the V-star forum and it seems a lot of 950 owners complain about the valve noise. It also felt really top heavy. I ended up getting a VTX1300,similar weight to the 950,only about 12 pounds heavier, but a lot more power and a lot less top heavy. I'm not saying the 950 is a bad bike,I really like the looks of it but it just wasn't my right for me.
I guess I should have mentioned in my earlier post,other than the valve chatter and top heavy feeling I was pretty impressed with the 950.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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