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VLX Saddlebags

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Got my first bike last fall, a 1988 Honda Shadow VLX. I am wanting to get some accessories like saddle bags and windscreens. However I have two problems. My bike does not have the universal two mount points for the bars on the side of the fender that I see on later VLX's and other shadows. Also the tail light seems to be too far forward to accomodate a saddlebag. Try as I may I can find no online store offering bags that gaurantee to fit.

Below is a pic of my bike. Does anyone have any suggestions or am I stuck with a luggage rack. Which apparently is also something that can not be found anywhere without breaking out a welder.


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I am guessing these brackets fit - MC Enterprises Saddlebag Guards 1988 1998 Honda XLV600 H1633 | eBay

Once installed -

You'd have to find small saddlebags or relocate your turn signals to the rear license plate area.

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