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VT 800, looking into new drags and pipes. help appreciated..

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Hey Folks,
I wanna put on drag bars and mod pipes on my VT 800.

I've looked into few posts about it but still unsure whats best to do.
Hope you don't mind tipping/helping out :)

ok, so about drag bars:
I don't know what kinda risers to get, remember someone mentioned that least size is 5.5". (think it was Lang, love his bike btw.)
Would 6" or 8" work too?
Any suggestions on where to look for them?
Im thinking black risers with black bar, steel bolts.
Bar with a slight pull back.
Actually looking now at Langs bike, its pretty much how i would like mine to be.

Now, more complex is pipes idea i guess.
I would like to have a bit more rumble but not in favour to torque.
Think oftentimes bikes get crazy loud and loose power due to inadequate mods.
I did that with my XS, don't wanna repeat same experience :)
Is it possible at all or a bad idea?
I thought of using original headers with heat wrap and cut off stock mufflers to keep in case i wanna put it all back together. I imagine its a simple weld.
Im sure carbs would need re-adjustment and re-jetting, right?
Anyone done this before and wanna share experience? :)

Im live in Denmark, so shipping from US is kinda steep price since we have to pay pretty high import tax, which kills for me idea of complete set of headers and mufflers.

thought i would share my thinking and see what clever pips got to say.
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FBZ drag bars are actually the correct name for the broomstick style bars.

Drag bars look good on 1st gens imo. I had some before I went to apes on my bobber.

Can't help ya with risers persay, as mine are integrated in my upper trees. But 5 or 6 with a pull back of 1-2" should allow you to use your stock cables.

Pipes. I ended up using my stock head pipes and welded on 14" extensions with home made lolliepop baffles. I lost NO torq. Infact I do believe I gained it because she pulls like a muh-fkr...lmao. Drag pipes will kill torq as you know. So I would bring the pipes back to the middle of the rear swingarm.

Search my user name and you'll find my 2-3 build threads with a ****e load of pics.

Jetting. Assuming you are @ s/l (sea level) you won't need to rejet unless you are not using a stock style air filter. UNI,K&N will require rejetting. With that said my stock air fuel settings were 2.25 front and rear on the carbs. I'm at 3.25 (turns OUT) front and rear

The reason I essentially made my own pipes is because there is NO aftermarket pipes out there that I like. The Mac exhaust and Cobra exhaust are SOOOO fugly, imo. So I made my own and wrapped them.
Thanks for detailed reply, appreciate your input!
Yeah drag bars and risers are somewhat easy, i was mostly reaching out for info about pipes.
Good to know what you did, ill checkout your builds for sure. Im at sea level so guess its good news with no re-jetting!
on your pipes: ill look at pic of course, but did you build mufflers too? Don't know what you mean with homemade lollipop bafflers.
I don't mind using org headers and gonna wrap them too.
Looking forward to see your builds, might be back with more questions.. :)
thanks so much again :)
Im gonna look at your description with a friend of mine, he's my tutor when comes to cutting and welding and really any more serious stuff than changing oil :D
Im learning much but at the same time, its easier to have 2 pairs of eyes and 2 minds on a task :)
PLS fee free to mail me at [email protected]
thanks again, looking forward to modding pipes soon.
Will post images and let you all know. :)
now with both bike in signature :)
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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