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VT500 - Lookin for New Seat

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Hey guys i have an 83 vt500 and i'm looking for a new seat. I want a 1 seater cuz i'm trying to kinda half bob this thing. I'm wondering if anyone knows of any seats that will fit cleanly on this bike. I've heard they're hard to find but if anyone has a lead that'd be great. Thanks
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There was a thread on this very topic just recently, by mad_bohemian. He used the crossbar on the frame close to the battery as the support for his solo seat. The post was complete with photos.
You’re not really going to find (what you want) something that just bolts on easy as pie. You’re going to need to do a bit of fabrication in order to make it look right.

P.S. I have some solo Bobber seats for sale in the sale forum. ;)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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