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I am using TourMaster midsize. There's a studded and unstudded version. I did buy brackets to hold them away from the wheel, and the bags have a strap I can buckle around the back of the guide bar to keep them from swinging out. They are a throw-over type, with at zipper to remove each bag. This meant I could put the yoke on the fender, under the seat, since the yoke doesn't need to come off. The bags fit in front of the stock turn signals, so no relocation required, and are high enough above the exhaust that I haven't had trouble with the bottoms melting or warping like some here have described. If you do buy these or similar, remove the rubber bumpers that are clipped into the bottom of the seat to hold it up... the yoke makes up that space perfectly, and if you leave them on you'll never get the seat pushed down far enough to get the bolts back in. I saved my stock fender rail bolts and those rubber bumpers in case I ever decide to take the whole setup off I can keep the longer replacement bolts that came with the brackets, with the brackets. The stock bolts are much shinier! :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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