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When I got my bike, I hadn't ridden in a while but I was thrilled to get back on again and ride with my buddies. The guy that I purchased the bike from let me test ride it, so I rode for a bit with one of my friends trailing behind me in his old goldwing (cafe style). We both thought it sounded great and I thought it had just enough power to do what I wanted. I bought the bike and began riding it as soon as it was legal. A couple weeks later I rode on my first long commute and noticed the bike bog a little bit under moderate to heavy throttle but I got to where I was going safley. But on the way back I was traveling at around 70mph when the VLX started to lose power. I could only go 40mph and I noticed it was only running with one cylinder (it had plenty of gas still). I pulled over to an exit ramp and it shut off as I came to a stop. I messed with about every instrument on the bike and I finally was able to start it again although I really don't know how. I rode at speed all the way home. For the next couple weeks or so I rode it with seafoam and stayed around town. I tried the highway a couple of times but the same problem occurred. It would stall and then come back to life after waiting a bit. I took it to a friend's house to get it worked on. We took off the seat and found the gas hose was kinked! After replacing the fuel line and filter the bike ran like a champ! I was worried that I didn't notice the problem when test riding but I think it just coincidentally kinked after I bought it. I could tell the line was worked on before and I think the hose lengths were just all wrong and slowly kinked the line. I'm tired of reading posts that never end with a solution, so if you have a fuel delivery problem I hope this will help.
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