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1999 Shadow 750 ACE VT750CD3 Modified
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I used the Honda OEM NT650 boots they just slipped in no problem.
I put one boot on the cylinder and the other on the carb it makes fitting it in a little easier.
They were a slightly loose on the stock carbs and tight on the NT650 carbs, but no leaks when the Norma clamps were snugged up.

What is happening different for you?

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2002 Honda shadow 750 ACE bobber
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It is still going well although I've only had it out for 5 rides so far this year due to life and weather.
I don't have a detailed parts list, the pieces I used came from a various NT650 Hawk GT that were being salvaged/parted out.
Luckily I found the complete heads with cams, valve springs and rockers off a wrecked low mileage 1990 model that ran in a supplied video before parting out.
I stripped the heads for cams and gears, inner and outer valve springs, retainers, and spring seats.
I used new valve collets.
The valve covers came off a 1988 model, but I could have used the ACE covers.

The unrestricted versions of the 650 Deauville or Revere heads have a slightly milder camshaft, but way hotter than the 750 ACE, the rest is the same as the Hawk GT and might be better suited to a cruiser application.
These should be easy to find in Europe and considerably cheaper on the used market, just look for low mileage and good condition.

The Stock 750 ACE uses the KW0 camshaft number.
The 650 Hawk GT used the MS8 camshaft number.
The 650 Deauville and Revere use the MN8 camshaft number.
See attached chart for the timings of each part number:
View attachment 301511

All those cam models will fit, the ones from the XRV750 Africa Twin are even hotter, but crazy priced on the used market due to the cult following the bike has.

Hope this helps.
I’m planning on putting a set of XRV750 cams in my 750 ACE. What would be a “full” parts list to go about doing this?

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1999 Shadow 750 ACE VT750CD3 Modified
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Before you start everything should be in perfect running condition.

Well the way I look at it you need:
The inner intake and exhaust valve springs to allow higher rpm, Honda parts, as discussed above.
The cams, careful you don't get the cams for a horsepower restricted bike.
An ignition box to allow the higher rpm, I use an Ignitech TCIP4 Electronic for motorbikes - IgniTech Přelouč

Things that you will definitely benefit from:
A less restrictive exhaust.
A less restrictive intake, a Bean box mod to the stock intake is probably the cheapest way and one of the best approaches.
I would also add a Factory Pro Stage 3 kit to the carbs as a starting point.
If 36 mm carbs prodh35.html, Honda vt750 c Shadow ace / aero - Data by EC997a Eddy Current Dynamometer
If 34 mm carbs Honda, vt750, Shadow, H39 Series
Final tuning is likely going to mean trial and error plug reading and/or paying for some dynometer time.

There is nothing written in stone there multiple paths and choices once you head down the rabbit hole.
If you are having to pay full retail or worse for the cams, you might consider getting your stock cams welded up by someone like Web Cam or Megacycle Cams and using their valve spring recommendations.

Good luck and enjoy the fun. (-:
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