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Merry Christmas to you too.
I don't think there is a single range of comfortable temps for riding. Any temp can be comfortable or uncomfortable depending on what you are wearing. I don't think North Carolina produces weather that's so cold that extra layers and hand warmers won't stop the chill. In my limited experience, if I am cold, I need another layer or warmer clothes or some face protection. If I'm getting too warm, rarely in the winter, I remove a layer. So 10 degrees and higher can be made comfortable if you are willing to take the time.
But people will still tell me, "it's too cold to be riding a motorcycle". I've been saying something like, "aw, it's not too bad if you bundle up" but what I really think is "bad weather on a bike is better than any weather in my car" but that sounds like crazy talk so I usually keep that to myself.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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