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Was Billy Joel a biker too? Or at least a Jay Leno-type enthusiast? maybe he should re-record his song "It's Still Rock and Roll to Me" with these lyrics: :lol:

Whats the matter with the bike Im riding?
Cant you tell that its out of style?
Should I get a set of V-n-H Longshots?
Are you gonna cruise the miracle mile?
Nowadays you cant be too sentimental
Your best bets a red, white and blue hunk of metal.
Everybodys talkin bout the new rides
Funny, but its still a motorbike to me

Whats the matter with the clothes Im wearing?
Don't ya know that you're missing gear?
Maybe I should buy some open toe sandals?
You could be the Safety Man of the year.
Where have you been hidin out lately, honey?
You cant ride the Iron 'til you spend a lot of money.
Slam Dunk, big trunk, even if its old junk
Its still a motorbike to me

Oh, it doesnt matter what they say in the forums
cause its always been the same old bet.
Theres a new brand in town
But you cant get the sound from a story on the internet...
Aimed at causing you debt

How about a pair of steel toe RedWings
And a bonded leather pair of chaps?
You could really be a biker dude baby
If you really gave half a crap.
Dont waste your money on a big bad Harley,
If you're goona use the radio to crank Bob Marley.
V-twin, Kuryakyn, spoiler chin, Count me in
But Its still a motorbike to me

Whats the matter with the way I corner?
Dont you know that you lean too much?
Should I try to leave a big patch of rubber?
If you do then you'll dump your clutch.
Dont you know about the new federal study?
You're a whole lot safer if you wear a helmet, buddy.
All gear, No fear, cup for beer, Far and near
Its still a motorbike to me

Posers, Hosers, Losers, Bruisers
Its still a motorbike to me

8) :lol: 8)

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Billy Joel owns a fairly large collection of classic bikes. As I recall, he had a bad accident out on long island some years ago.

Nice turn of a lyric, by the way.
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