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I got a question.....before you start this pump replacement!

I've had a coolant "seep" from the w-pump hole of my Gold Wing....after I've ridden the bike in the very cold weather (talking 17-20 deg temps here). Put the bike back into "some" seepage. I thought like you...seal problem. BUT, it was just the "extreme temps" that caused this problem. I keep checking the seep hole(over many days/weeks) and never had it again...till another very cold day ride. :shock: :? But as springtime came around was worried about this but the "seepage" stopped and over the high temp summer months never had a problem.

So all I'm saying is...don't go jumping into this "problem" that may not be. Give it a little time to see if it's a continous "seeping" problem. Very cold air temps really does crazy things to "thin-walled metal" parts on a bike. Yes, I'm aware of the age/mileage of the bike but these bikes are pretty tough overall. Just don't want you to be spending the "dollars" if not really necessary. :wink:

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