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gford said:

I had the same problem a few years ago. The actual waterpump change is easy once you get the engine moved. Get some tie down straps and secure the bike upright. Get a transmission jack or motorcycle jack to position under the engine ( this is to hold the weight of the engine only) remove the carbs, and subframe assembly on the right side of the bike. Once you remove the holding bolts the front of the engine can be moved to the right a few inches and will allow you enough room to remove the waterpump.
Recommend taking your time, and go step by step. If I had to change another one I could do it in 3 hours. good luck
Hi, this is my first post :oops:
I need to remove the water pump and I would like to remove as few components as I can (you know what they say, "if it works, don't touch it!)
This is the only problem I have, so I was wondering about removal of some things. (I have the Hayness manual that says you need to remove half a bike to get the engine off, but the "engine removal" steps are meant to remove the engine for a variety of fixes, not only water pump removal and replacement)

1) Do I need to remove the Radiator?
2) What's about the holding bolts of the sub-frame?
3) Do I need to remove the air cleaner box?
4) Which hoses should I remove?
5) Do I need to drain the oil? (I've recently changed it :( )
6) What do you mean with "front of the engine can be moved to the right a few inches"? Do you mean that I should remove the Water Pump to the front of the bike?
7) Do I need to remove the carburetors at all or just the air cleaner hoses?
8 ) What about the exhausts? Do I need to remove them from the top end?

As I can see on the forum everyone had some kinda problems with the water pump once, there is no guide for changing it without disaembling the whole engine.
Greetings from Argentina, the country where you need to wait 40 days to get a WP Orring (as the official Honda dealer does never have nothing on stock), pay U$D 15 for it, and change it by your own, because no one can afford an engine removal without having to trade their souls with the devil for it.
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