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The wife is very short. I could see a problem with all the new bikes coming with factory forward controls with no option for standard position foot pegs. The factory pegs are usable for her, but on extended rides her leg was getting tired. She wasn't resting her feet on the pegs, she had to consciously stiffen her leg to hold her feet there. Tiring, if she relaxed, there was a tendency for her feet to drop to the road surface. These floorboards come to only be mounted in place of the foot pegs. They wouldn't be much help in this situation. I fabricated a cross member of extruded steel flat and board mounts. Heavy steel 3/8 and 5/16. Rigid enough to stand on but nobody ever will.

She can sit perfectly relaxed now. While I was at it, I built up a pair of saddle bag mounts. I placed the bags a little higher than most, to get them away from the hot mufflers. There will never be a passenger although there could be, they might touch the bags some.

Now since I'm not the only one with saddle bags a:When we go to the store we can get more stuff, or b:I can send her and stay home.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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