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I don't have a 750, but neither my 600 or 1100 ACE impresses me as having a lot of excess electrical generating capacity. Nor did Honda engineers make the systems particularly accessible for adding on to. On a bike with a kick starter, I'd be less concerned, but relying on the starting motor and a not particularly large and potentially poorly charged, battery, in cold temperatures seems problematic. This is even more true of EFI equipped machines.

I've already had issues with depleting the battery on my 1100, while cranking, trying to start, which have to do with how the fuel pump circuit works. Thankfully, I can pivot to another motorcycle, when one doesn't start on a cold morning.

Then there is the bit about the wiring diagram complexity! Be careful about where you cut in. One should be considering ground paths as well as supply circuits when planning installations.

I use a set of Hippo hands, and thick insulated gloves, and ride down into the high 20s. This sounds more dramatic than it is, my commute is less than 30 minutes.
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