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Hello all,

I'm not a Shadow owner yet, but I hope to be within a couple of weeks. I have a look out for a nice clean Honda SABRE. Anyways, I learned something today and thought I would pass it on.

I'm in the process of selling a bike so that I can buy a Sabre. I went to start the bike up yesterday for the first time this spring. After working very hard to start it I finally got it going but it ran TERRIBLE! Even after letting the bike warm up and even after riding it about five miles, it would not run with the choke off. So I assumed the worst, bad carbs. Just great!!

Before I put the bike away last fall, I put Seafoam in the tank to stabilize the fuel. I had also filled the tank as high as I possibly could to prevent condensation and rust. I run one ounce of Seafoam per gallon in EVERY tank full to keep the system clean.

I had a thought this morning. Could it be possible that the bike was running poorly due to fuel starvation? Thinking that maybe because the tank was so full the over fill/ vent tube was unable to work properly? It's worth a try right? I went out to the bike this morning and syphined about a half gallon out.

The results? Guess what... the bike runs perfectly! So anyways I thought I would pass this on. I was on the verge of trailering the bike into a shop, but luckily the fix didn't cost me a dime.

Was this sheer luck, or have some of you experienced this as well?
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