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Christopher said:
I try and never come on here and complain or bitch, so please allow me this one time to unload.

Yesterday, on our ride to the Harley dealer for lunch with 5 other bikers I had a cager cut in front of me at a traffic light ( just before I stopped ) and broke our formation. This guy came close to clipping the back end of the trike that was leading our group. We were just coming to a stop light when this guy swings into the spot ahead of me. ( I didn't know I had to ride so tight to keep cagers from cutting into our formations ).

People driving cages have apparently never driven formation. Therefore have no idea or concept of what formation is or what function it plays in motor transportation. Darwin and I both recently posted similar subjects about cagers and their cell phones.....I am glad that you and your wife are still with us and @@ck the politically correct genre of this post for there [email protected]@t verbage.
Glad you mad it OK!!!!!!!
1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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