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what tire do i use???

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need help!!! i have a 2005 750 shadow spirit. the rear tire needs to be replaced. the tire it came with is a 160/80-15 m/c 74s. does anyone know what size tire would be best for its replacement?
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Hey All™,
The book that came with the bike should tell you the size you need. If you don't have the book, someone sooner or later here will tell you what you need. The size that's on it now should give you a clue. :lol:
I'm going to to out on a limb here and say it's a 160/80-15 m/c 74s.

But thats just a guess.

use the same size that is on it now.
or one size wider will also fit........ ie; a 170

thanks guys.....and to rickbb, cute :lol: but i was looking for something other than an OEM.
I put 110/90-19 on the front and 170/80-15 on the rear of Leslie's 02 Spirit 750. Running Metzelers front and back.

Tire info.

You can go to the tire manufacturers's websites, or the dealer websites, and they should have the correct tire info. for your bike. JIm
I still have the original tires (Bridgstones with a little over 6,000 miles) but have decided to replace them with Metzelers when the time comes.
The same size front and rear as the originals.
I with Metzelers when the time comes.
The same size front and rear as the originals.
Metzeler doesnt stock, or at least they didnt last time i looked, the exact
OEM size for your SS750. the closest you can come is one size larger.

they fit .....with some real close tolerances

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