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What tires have you run milage/traction to compare

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This has been done to death I know but I am due another tire, last one lasted 6 months.... one before a year

I trying to get a gauge on what the expected miles on some tires are.... I am hoping I can find someone that have run the ME880 or commander II and the Perrelli Night dragon or MT66 to get there miles on each.

Its not a lot of use posting miles unless you have used both as I know some people get way more miles than I do

I liked the commander II got good miles at around 12K (I am reasonably hard on tires) but its wasn't super sure footed in the wet with a cold tire

ME880 great traction but I am going to be lucky to get 6K on it, higher pressure is supposed to up the K's and half the life of the tire has been at 40psi... but I have chopped it out pretty fast

I have dropped my profile by changing to a 180/70 15 to gear the bike down to suit the roads I ride and like it but it limits the availability of tires here, I would ty the ME888 but cant get one that size, I can go back to the ME880 but would like it to last longer, Commander II is not imported by Michelin in that size (I have found some who an get it though) but I also woud like to try Perelli if they get OK miles and go Ok in the wet (cheaper too)
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Seems to me you have tried almost everything except Avons.. What have you got to lose.

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