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The following post compares the gearing of the 1100 Sabre to the 1100 Spirit.

The only difference between gearing on the 1100 Sabre and the 1100 Spirit is the primary reduction ratio which is .806 for the Spirit but .939 for the Sabre. While all other ratios including the transmission gears, final reductrion ratio, secondary reduction ratio, and third reduction ratio are exactly the same.

I have in front of me the Honda Service Manual for the 1998-2001 VT1100T Shadow 1100 A.C.E. Tourer which is the model you are interested in. Its ratios are listed exactly the same as the 1100 Sabre with a .939 primary reduction ratio. So the Sabre and Tourer Engines turn a little higher rpms in top gear than the Spirit.

In a Clymer Honda VT1100 Series 1995-2004 Service manual, it lists the regular ACE (not Tourer) gear ratios as being different from the 1100 Spirit only in the first gear ratio. I feel confident of the ratios I'm looking at except for the regular ACE as I've noticed a few errors in the Clymer manual, so someone can chime in if these regular ACE (not Tourer) ratios are different.

So to answer your question, the ACE Tourer is actually geared lower than the ACE you own, so its engine would be turning even faster at 65 mph in top gear.

This means that when the Sabre and Tourer are in top gear and going approximately 63 mph, the Spirit and regular ACE in top gear at the same engine rpm are going approximately 70 mph. (I can give you all the math if you want the detail).

The thing that may feel more comfortable about the 1100 Tourer is that it is a dual crank pin engine which should be smoother so may possibly feel less busy at touring speed than the regular ACE which you own. The regular ACE is single crankpin engine and would have more vibration at touring speed (however the regular ACE engine is rubber mounted to quell some of that vibration).

I know this is long winded :oops:, but hope that may help with your decision.
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