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Wide White Wall Tires

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My 96' 1100 ACE has 120/90X18 on the front which I've been told is an oddball size ? ? ? and 170/80X15 on the back. My spoke rims say D.I.D 2682, 18X3.00 on the front and 15X3.50 on the back.

I'm guessing replacement rims. Are all on these factory sizes ? Are there alternate tire sizes ? I'd like to go back with the Wide White Walls and don't care about putting the widest tire known to man on the bike.

What sizes are y'all running ?
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Thanks, I "heard" that Michelin is going to be making a WWW next year. I "heard" that Harley dropped Dunlop and Michelin got the contract. Can't wait that long though AND they might not offer it in the sizes I need.
I've got those Shinkos on my 600 VLX and like them.

They make the rear for my 1100 but not the front. :(
Ordered the Dunlop K177 F and K555 WWW's a few hours ago. :)
What are the brand and size you have on both bikes now. The white walls look ok.
120/90X18 on the front, 170/80X15 on the rear on the 1100. The front is wearing thin in the middle (probably over inflated) and has a cut in the side. The rear is worn flat in the center (probably under inflated). The white walls are prefect.

The 600 has 100/90-19 Front Tires and 170/80-15 Rear Tires and the brand is Shinko.
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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