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Wide White Wall Tires

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My 96' 1100 ACE has 120/90X18 on the front which I've been told is an oddball size ? ? ? and 170/80X15 on the back. My spoke rims say D.I.D 2682, 18X3.00 on the front and 15X3.50 on the back.

I'm guessing replacement rims. Are all on these factory sizes ? Are there alternate tire sizes ? I'd like to go back with the Wide White Walls and don't care about putting the widest tire known to man on the bike.

What sizes are y'all running ?
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Those are the stock tires sizes and rim sizes. I use Dunlop K177 F and K555 whitewall. There are not a lot of options if you want to stay with WWW.

Are those dunlops better than the 40 series that was a stock tire? The tread pattern looks a lot different.

True, not alot of whitewall choices. Shinko makes a cruiser tire (777) in white wall for the sizes we need. No experience with 'em though, maybe someone that has or had them will chime in.

Shinko 777 Whitewall Rear Tire - Motorcycle Superstore
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