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I'm here for help researching what parts will fit what on my bikes...
own 2 vlx's and 1 spirit that I have been rebuilding for 3-4 years.
Front wheel got smashed , front forks got smashed tank smashed mirrors smshd fenders smshsd rear wheel smashed rad smashed fan housing busted side covers missin and on and on ..
Well I'm pretty close to gettin it all together.... finally
Working on radiator installl at present.
Then on to front forks install...
however I'm at the point where I might want to rake the trees out or change out the front and would like to know...

Anyone know...
Will (or can), harley '05 fatboy FLSTF triple trees FIT on '02 Honda 750 spirit VT750DC neck ???
I believe they are both SHOWA ?
Somebody with parts compatability SMARTS out there...
Help me out with info.
Can it be done....
........................HD Werder ~ Flag-Pole-Sitter ~ Weeki Wachee,FLA

Back in the early 80's I was the guy who sat atop the flag pole in clearwater fla for over a year, (439days11hours6min.)without coming down, as a protest over the price of gasoline.
I bike, my dad biked, my mother biked, my sister,my brother and my other brother too all biked and/or are bikers...
brother is president of NY state ABATE, high milage man for victory m/c's.
Family has driven harleys, victorys, suzukis, yamahas, russian depners, allstates, puchs, hondas, and probably a few others to boot.
95VlxD I run the most and I'm gettin' 'bout 72 mpg after changing to 3 tooth less sproket on vlx so much got a 2nd one recently a '07...although I kinda wished I had gotten a little bit older one and a delux to boot. Few years ago got a 750 spirit '02 as a salvage out of Georgia..
got a good deal on it for a 4 year old bike , But here I am 5 years later still putting it together...Would have been better off just spending more and been off riding instead of working on it all these years...Which brings me here again...
Recently got a service manual after chastising for asking stupid? question,
Still find not everything ya need to know is in them...Wish they wrote these thing s for idiots the way they did for the old "Everything you need to know about VW's for Idiots" books.

Plus I'm still in a quandry regarding part interchangeability etc and not just between hondas.
the forinstance is what brings me into site again:

DOES ANYONE KNOW IF '05 HARLEY FLSTF (FATBOY) TRIPLE TREE SETUP WILL FIT '02 HONDA VT750DC NECK ??? Guy told me couple years ago that both were made by same company and that they might....
If that were always so honda would fit honda....
I'm hoping someone out there has got some good knowledge regarding these things and can help me. Can't wait to get riding this 'itchen bike.
How 'bout it......?
..............................................HD Werder 727 862 3377 if ya don't wanna type...

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Might have better luck finding this info on the tech forum.

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Where did you go to the bathroom up there?
Did your protest do any good?
I have so many questions, but I will start with those two.

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In the bathroom......

I had a post man that came by every day, except Sunday.
And I had these 'waterproof' envelopes....
And if you got on my S*IT LIST... you were in trouble.

No really...I had a "ground man" who took care of me...
and without my friend I never could have done it.

Gas actually came down a few weeks after I did.
Although I didn't have any thing to do with it.
Gas was hitting 99cents plus ...up from 50 cents...
it went back down to 69 cents.
That would be like the $3.80/gallon gas now
going back down to about $2.00/gal.

Still working on fork/tree exchange with harley stuff.

Found out I 'can' & will machine an acquired 'chopper-kit' for a harley to fit a Honda...
And I'm gonna do it. It'll take a while to get the harley parts to replace all the honda stuff...
ie.wheels,rotor,caliper,axle,nuts and bolts.+?
been trying to figure out speedometer problems..newer hds run of of electric in engine not wheel...
I may be able to get a pre 2000? setup in the wide glide that I will need.
Now I have to learn a ton more of harley stuff, and I don't really know anyone that I can pick their brains on the stuff. Been lookin' locally for an independant shop guy that comes out to OUR bike nights every so quiz...

I have learned that honda 41mm fork tubes and harley 41mm fork tubes are NOT the same diameter.

*Harley (41mm) fork tubes ARE ACTUALLY 41.3mm.!

Been bangin,my head for days trying to find and learn hd stuff.
and can't wait till I finally get this finished.

When I do get done, I guarantee I'll be wanting to post some photos of my accomplishment...
Can't wait...
......................HD W ~ F P S ~ W W,FLA

PS: How did I sleep?
..............................With my eyes closed. I got all the some things.
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