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will a suped up vtx1300 match a stock vtx1800

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What do you guys think. i am torn whether to get a vtx1300 and add a power commander, hypercharger you know the works, or get a 1800.just thinking price wise, if i get a 1300, i will eventually add all that stuff, do you think the 1300 suped up could match an 1800 stock? would all that stuff make that much of a difference? just wonder as i am 6'4" 270lbs, not all fat mind you, and the 1100 is slowly starting to seem a little small for me. even though i plan on adding a 7degree rake and a set of jardine foward controls. By the way, does NE body know where i can see a pic of someone who has raked there shadow, preferably the 1100 shadow? thanks.
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Collector has a raked Shadow and it looks pretty nice...
collecter, the member of the forum? it doesnt look like it has been raked. does he have another, after picture? or another bike? or is it just raked very little?
skaggs23 said:
collecter, the member of the forum?
It's raked with extended forks. Hi Graham :D

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Yeah that does look good. gives the bike a whole new look. how much did that run ya and hows the difference in handeling?
for an vt1100 its around 1800.00 USD i dont like the kit cause i cant put the springer forks i want on there... :cry: if i could i would definatly rake mine out... like i said Collector has his ask him i did :D
skaggs23 said:
do you think the 1300 suped up could match an 1800 stock?

But both will be able to break speed limits throughout the U.S.
i dunno my 1100 kept pace just fine till 110 with my bros 1800 but thats just me and him. i didn't really see that the riders position was all that muc if any bigger than my spirit either i stand 6'-1"
I ride a 1300 retro. Sold on the critter. Tried the 1800 and didn't like it as well as the 13. In fact, the one I'm on now is my second new 1300.

They're easy to modify, The VTXOA board is packed full of information for mods and ya don't have to feed it a buncha bucks to make it faster than stock.

I have no trouble at all running with 1800s or anything else, for that matter. I can be pretty aggresive on the road at times and the 13 does it all with ease.

(Fair warning- replace that damn stock seat.)
Well first, the Power Commander isn't going to do you any good on the 1300.
The Power Commander for fuel injected bikes, to remap or change
the fuel curve and it does ignition mapping on some bikes (not all).

The 1300 VTX is a carbureted engine.

And yes, the 1300 can be made to pull as much as the 1800 in stock trim.

A simple free flowing air filter, good flowing pipes, and a rejet that has
been properly tuned should come pretty close.

However, the amount of money you are going to spend to bring a 1300 up
close to the 1800 (close, not matched), is going to probably be close
to what the 1800 is going to cost.
You're looking at $400-$500 for an exhaust system (maybe more),
about $70 for a jet kit, $40-$80 for a good flowing air filter,
and $100 for jet kit install (if you don't do it yourself).

With all that, you'll be within $1000 of the 1800.

Then you have to think about this.
The hopped up 1300 is likely to get less fuel mileage than it did stock.
The 1800 is fuel injected and is going to probably get better fuel mileage
than either of the 1300's, even with a bigger engine and still have more
power and will be much easier to pull 2-up (not that the 1300 would have any problems doing that).
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litnin said:
You're looking at $400-$500 for an exhaust system (maybe more),
about $70 for a jet kit, $40-$80 for a good flowing air filter,
and $100 for jet kit install (if you don't do it yourself).

Exhaust- A whole lot can be done with the stock cans. I have both modified stock and Roadhouse slip-ons. Both sound good. The Roadhouse cost me $125 from another X rider. Excellent sound. The modified stock cost me beer. I've gone beyond the Clayton mod. Took more beer to do that. And I run the modified cans more than I do the RH.

Jet kit- If ya were to go out and buy a DJ 210 jet kit ya wouldn't have anything that wasn't already in the carb. By using the DJ system of measurement you already have a 208. Two shims, shorten the spring, voila, the same flow and response. Cost is about 10 cents fer the shims.

Oh yeah. And the cost of the beer.

Air filter- Moot point. Yer gonna do a change there, anyway, regardless of what ya ride. Yer just gonna go thru a lotta beer deciding whether a K&N filter is sufficient fer yer needs or whether ya wanna hang a fancy breather on the side.

Cost is a rotten reason to use as an indicator of what ya want. But, if ya wanna use cost as yer basis, so be it. I'm much happier on my low cost modded 1300 than I was on an 1800. I gots performance, handling, comfort and style. My 1300 will go anywhere I wanna go, carry whoever and how much ever I wanna carry. And she do it with style.

Oh yeah, that single pin crank 1300 sounds a whole lot better than the double pin 1800.
The 1800, while giving you warp speed straight outta the gate, is a heavier bike and harder to throw into a curve than the 1300. I test rode one at Honda Homecoming.

The sound is more old-school on the 1300 and the cost can be spread out for the mods, as opposed to up front with the 1800.

I own a 1300S that eventually will have slip-ons, K&N filter and a DJ kit, but right now, it pulls fine in all gears and is easy to throw into a curve, though it tends to drag a peg now and then (the 1800 suffers from this too.).

So, my 2 cents is go with the 1300 and work your way into getting it modded the way you want.

hondo's answer was correct. no
if you mean drivers of equal ability lining up for a drag race the 1800 will win
terms like match, run with, keep pace, etc, are pretty subjective
evryone says the 1300 handles better and I don't doubt it; it weighs less.
but I don't care, I like the way my 1800 goes when I twist the throttle and I no longer try to see how fast I can hit every curve
I like the way it looks and feels and it is comfortable for both my wife and me
my 1100, even after tuning, couldn't begin to keep up with the X, except in the curves
I don't know how much 1800's and 1300's actually cost these days.
If you're like most VTX owners, you'll spend way too much money on the new bike, be it 1300 or 1800.
I've had my 1800 dyno'd three times.
stock was 89 horse power, no torque reading was available.
then with Road House Classics exhaust and the back of the intake box opened and a K & N filter, 92 hp & 104 ft lb
added a Techlusion fuel adder and it got 94 hp, 106 ft lb with out tuning
as for gas mileage, mine has never gotten over 36 mpg for real riding, and it usually is more like 33, combined residential and highway. best ever was 53 while cruising easy 2 up thru the mountain roads of the Enchanted Cirle in New Mexico.
Maybe with a Power Commander properly tuned it would get both increased power and increased mpg.
Read a bunch at, both the 1800 and 1300 forums
one thing you'll typically find at any forum, nearly everyone seems to like the bike they have
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