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Hello all,
My name is Flavio Costa 23 y/old.
2 days ago I bought my very first motorcycle. It’s a 2005 Honda Shadow Spirit 750. 21k miles. I work in construction and travel a lot. I was on my way back to Dallas from a job site in Alabama when I spotted a local dealership. It caught my interest so I pulled over. Two hours later I had it loaded on my trailer with a smile on my face and a hit to the bank!

Due to my schedule, my impulsivity, the honest face of the 80 year old man who sold it me, I did not get it checked or a test ride. It was beautiful and. It started with no problem; that was enough for me.

I’ve had it in my garage since. I started it couple of times to hear the roar. It was awesome. Yesterday night I decided to hear it one more time before bed, couldn’t get it to start.

I am completely green when it comes to mechanics and motorcyles. Would any of you be willing to have a fectime call to go over the basics? I’d like to speak to a seasoned rider before I get a mechanic to look at it.
Does it turn over at all. Or just nothing when you turn the switch. Do the lights work. Are they bright or dim. If low battery lights will be dim. Do you hear a click. If so probably is the battery. If nothing then could be the kill switch or kickstand safety. Also is the fuel on.
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