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You meet the nicest people on a Honda

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One block behind my house I kept seeing an Shadow in a driveway. I kept telling myself I need to stop and say hi. Well as I rode home for lunch the guy was out at his bike. So I turned around and rode up. We talked for about a half hour. It was cool. The guy retired last year and his son decided to sell the bike in November so he grabbed it. It's a mint 97 ACE 750. It's a really beutiful bike, and he got a great deal on it. He's just started riding again after a 15 year break so we're kinda in the same boat.

So, I've got another friend to ride with. :D
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Way cool! You'll both have a blast I am sure!

Come to think of it.. I saw a Shadow 1100 over at a guys house about two blocks from where I live... If I see it again this spring I'm gonna just have to stop over there once :) (I dont remember ever seeing him ride it, so maybe it is his son's and he is just storing it).

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